There are many elements to consider when designing tailored dress shirts. The collar style is among the most important. On a button-down or hidden button-down, the collar spread and the point length each convey a very different tone and personality. There are also cuff styles, including French cuffs, button cuffs or double button cuffs, to consider. Collars and cuffs are like window frames, and we help our clients choose the best choice for their industry and the image they wish to display. These can be mixed and matched to create a unique shirt that is framed perfectly to accentuate our clients’ appearance and professional demeanor. Each shirt we design involves working with our clients to integrate the elements our clients’ desire and image.

No two men look the same. Men wearing a tailored suit by Pepi Bertini look their best when their suit is paired with a shirt that is cut to perfection and stitched together to create a proper, comfortable fit.