Bespoke Suit Fitting, A Memorable Experience

The delight of a Bespoke Suit Fitting is a feeling treasured by all who have had the experience. Pepi Bertini, the master tailor, uses his years of experience to design garments that fit perfectly, draping flawlessly over your body.

When designing a suit, the customer is given the choice of fabric and style. The width of the label, the style of vent, the perfect fit to ensure absolute comfort are all analyzed during your bespoke suit fitting. Pepi Bertini’s skillfully designed suits fit like a glove and get you noticed.

A bespoke suit fitting is a classic tradition that takes us back to a more elegant time, where gentlemen would visit their skilled and trusted tailors, leaving with a suit that was created with style, function, and longevity in mind. As it was in the past, The talented staff at Pepi Bertini provide service and craftsmanship unparalleled in today’s age. No shortcuts are taken, every detail is meticulously thought out and poured over with the perfect specifications for you and your lifestyle. Pepi Bertini suits are the private jet of the clothing world. Fly in style.