Get the Most Out of Your Suit_Pepi Bertini

A bespoke suit is something you invest time and money in and therefore should be cared for like any other precious investment. With the proper attention, your Pepi Bertini made-to-measure suit will have you looking your best for years and years. But, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your suit and take care of it so it lasts as long as it’s supposed to.

Proper Suit Care Habits

How you use your suit has a big impact on its condition and longevity. Our men’s custom suits are designed to last, but you need to treat them with respect. This means following a number of proper suit habits. The first is to not overload your suit pockets, which can create unnatural stresses and pull at seams. You may not notice a problem, but over time this can weaken your suit. If you have only one suit that you wear a lot, consider investing in some more. Like shoes, suits don’t appreciate being worn day after day without a break. You will also be dressing better by not wearing the same thing over and over again.

How To Clean A Suit

Your suit should be dry cleaned at an upscale establishment known for caring for high-end clothing. Dry cleaning is a process that uses a solvent instead of water to remove dirt, as water can be unfriendly to the fibers of your bespoke clothing. But even dry cleaning takes its toll, and you do not want to subject your suit to this process more often than is necessary. Get in the habit of using a suit brush and a lint roller to remove surface debris, and spot clean individual stains as you notice them. This way you should only have to send your suit for a full dry cleaning every now and then, meaning it will look like new for longer. Dry irons are not something your clean suit cares for, so invest in a steamer instead.

Hanging And Storage

Suits like to be aired out after use so don’t feel the need to put it in the closet right away. Your suit will appreciate some time hanging on a valet stand. When hanging in a closet, use a high-end shaped hanger designed for suits instead of cheaper all-purpose ones. Your suit should hang freely and not be squished by other clothing. If that happens, you need more closet space. Send seasonal suits to the dry cleaners before putting them away for long periods. When traveling, either use a garment bag or put them on a hanger and fold them over carefully before packing.

If this guide has peaked your interest in custom suits in Miami, or you have one but want more so you can rotate suits more effectively, contact Pepi Bertini for an appointment.