Custom Made Shirts

Custom made shirts are crafted and produced specifically for you at Pepi Bertini. We are a bespoke tailor shop in business for over 30 years. Pepi Bertini specializes in creating bespoke pieces with the quality and skill only a true artistic fashionista can possess. Our custom made shirts will not only fit to your exact measurements, but they will transform your look giving a polished, distinguished, and luxurious appeal to your stature.

Our custom shirt making starts with understanding the desired experience you expect from your shirt. Pepi Bertini offers an extensive collection of fabrics, styles, collars, cuffs and trims for any lifestyle or occasion. With so many options we can guide you through these choices and will create the look, fit and structure of your dream shirt.

Custom made shirts fit in such a way that cannot be done through off the rack clothing. One size does not fit all. Just because a neck is a certain circumference, does not mean arms are therefore a certain length, or shoulders a certain width. Every body is unique and our custom made shirts are created only for you. Having a bespoke shirt inspires and portrays confidence. Your lifestyle, habits and desires are all considered and put into the development of your piece.

Pepi Bertini is the first choice in Bespoke garments. Take the first step in creating a wardrobe of class, style, and elegance and contact Pepi Bertini today.