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Custom Made Suits

Custom made suits at Pepi Bertini are a luxurious experience. Our bespoke tailoring firm offers hand cut garments made by our skilled artisans at our Miami location. Focusing on the highest attention to detail, premium materials, and a meticulous fit, we provide a sartorial elegance that is catered to your every desire.
Bespoke custom made suits are a highly personal experience. Our skilled craftsman will be dedicated to designing and hand creating your wardrobe to the highest specification. Your custom made suits will be perfectly crafted to showcase your lifestyle in any climate. From the initial consultation, to basted fittings, and the final fitting, you can expect the bespoke artisan who is creating your custom made suits to be escorting you through the entire process.
Customer service and the utmost satisfaction are a standard at Pepi Bertini. Our expertise in style, functionality, fabric, fit and craftsmanship assist in developing an inspirational approach for the intended purpose of any custom made suits. While studying your physical features and posture, we take your measurements with precise detail. We can identify and alter the garment to hide or accentuate any feature you may wish to showcase or downplay.  A pattern, which is exclusive to you, is drafted and developed in accordance to the data collected at your initial consultation. We then hand cut and baste together the desired fabric, readying it for the basted fitting. This allows us to ensure the perfect fit before the piece is permanently stitched. Changes can be made during this time to allow for different stylistic features and proportions. Fittings are done to ensure everything is cohesive to your desire. The final fitting is the completed suit. At this point you can leave with your garment knowing you have the perfect bespoke custom made suit of your dreams.