Miami Beach Wedding Outfit_Pepi Bertini

Every year, Miami’s beaches are booked for months on end to host weddings with people from all over the world. The perfect day deserves nothing short of the perfect outfit, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to expect to wear to a beach wedding. Here are some guidelines for you to follow to ensure that you’re the best-dressed man for your beach wedding event.

Formal Beach Wedding Suits

This can be as simple as a formal suit. Heavy suits are not your friend here as you want something light and airy, especially if the ceremony is during the day. Later in the evening, it can get quite cool if there’s a sea breeze, so you should prepare to bring a jacket. Don’t be afraid to sound other people out about what is appropriate to wear if you’re not sure. For example, beach formal does not correspond to standard formal, and tuxedos or white tie will usually be explicitly called for if that is the intention. If it’s during the middle of the day and you don’t have a light suit, considered getting a custom made-to-measure suit for the occasion. In Miami, you are sure to get a lot more use out of it afterward, and you’ll wonder how you got by for so long without one.

Themed Weddings

Don’t be surprised if the weddings you’re invited to in Miami have a theme. This could be as simple as a tropical look, or something more elaborate. The goal here is to look sharp but follow the theme. Pepi Bertini & his stylists can make great recommendations for you.

Far more important than whether you wear a tuxedo, suit, or slacks and a crisp shirt, is how well those clothes fit you. Whatever the wedding calls for, look your best with made-to-measure clothing by contacting Pepi Bertini for an appointment.