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Having the right fashion essentials for men creates an unforgettable appearance that impresses colleagues and clients. It’s not enough to have custom suits in Miami; men have to have the custom accessories that make them stand out from the crowd. When it comes to wardrobe staples for men, the following are some items that should be in every man’s closet.

Custom Chinos & Trousers

Custom chinos and trousers strike the perfect balance between casual comfort and professional appeal. These wardrobe staples for men look great when worn with custom shirts or ties or when paired with polos and other casual shirts. Moreover, it’s important to have chinos and trousers made out of different fabrics that provide comfort when traveling to various climates. Obviously, lighter fabrics work best in tropical and subtropical climates, while heavier fabrics are more desirable in continental and coastal areas. Due to the versatility of custom pants, a man can never have too many pairs to choose from.

Comfortable Shoes

Penny loafers, derbies, lace-ups and simple sneakers provide plenty of wardrobe flexibility. Having the right shoes for every occasion creates comfort and makes it possible to blend into the crowd. Well-fitting shoes that match the color and style of the pants will go a long way toward creating a memorable visual appearance.

Dark Suits & Blazers

Every man should have at least one black and one navy blue suit in their closet. These men’s wardrobe essentials are a foundation of fashion. In addition to these, it’s advisable to have several blazers in different colors that match the corporate culture of the individual’s profession. Light grey, white, tan and light blue blazers can create a relaxed and comfortable appearance that blends in well with typical custom suits in Miami.

Dress Shirts

No wardrobe is complete without a wide selection of dress shirts to choose from. Like bespoke suits, custom dress shirts add a professional and polished element to the ensemble. Custom shirts fit perfectly, and every wardrobe should have a healthy mix of white and colored shirts crafted from comfortable fabrics to choose from. Having a variety of dress shirts makes it easy for the well-dressed man to express their personal style and select the shirt that best matches the suit, tie, and other accessories for the day.

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