Anyone planning to spend even part of the holiday season in Miami needs to plan accordingly. In other parts of the country, you may need to bundle up to stay warm, however, you most likely won’t have that issue in Florida. Even in December, the state sees temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless, you can still stay comfortable and fashionable with the best holiday casual menswear during your Miami vacation without the concern of extra layers.


In the event you are looking to do business while in Miami, you may choose to play it safe. There are plenty of casual menswear options to look into allowing you to keep it simple, and Pepi Bertini and his stylists can help you choose.


While looking for casual menswear pieces that are most flattering, you should always consider the forecast in Miami. Looking good is the motive, but you do not want to sweat through your clothes while doing so. Miami has a tropical climate, so it tends to be warm and humid all year long. We at Pepi Bertini work a variety of fabrics and can help you choose the best one.

When you get a custom shirt made, you want to make sure it is made out of something light. The light material ensures the ability to wear your outfit all day long without feeling uncomfortable for even a minute. Some people will also need to go dressy casual with a jacket or blazer, and in that instance, you will need to choose a fabric that showcases a slimmer waist or stronger shoulders, depending on the image strived to convey.


Your style should change depending on the circumstances you are in. For evening wear, it is time to bust out the slim jeans, slip-on shoes and a black button-down shirt with the very top button undone. However, people planning on going to the office for a holiday event will need to dress it up with some holiday casual menswear. Sports coats can help accentuate your individuality.

The weekend is the time to cut loose. When you are planning an extended stay in Miami, you want to be sure you have a variety of Casual menswear styles available in your wardrobe to wear any time of day.

You may still have questions about what clothes you need while in Florida. Things like “what is dressy casual?” or “what clothes best match my skin tone?” All of those questions and more can be answered when you request an appointment at Pepi Bertini. With our help, you will be able to go to any holiday event with style.