Custom business suits in Miami, FL

It is crucial to know how to dress business professional, as that is the first indication clients and colleagues have of how diligent you are. But more than that, it is also an opportunity to prove that you are not just up-to-standard, but that you set the standard in the fashion-forward city that is Miami.

All suits are not the same

Knowing how to dress to impress is a vital skill in the world of business just as knowing how to speak confidently or put a room of nervous investors at ease. The basics of fitting in by choosing a dark suit and making sure your shirt is ironed are practiced by almost everyone. When it comes to business suits for men, wearing an off-the-rack suit, even an expensive one, isn’t going to make you stand out the way you want to. The mark of people on top of their game are men’s custom suits that have been made-to-measure. The quality of the materials, the fit that enhances posture, and the fine details not sported by anyone else tell the story.

Dress to own the boardroom

Choose Pepi Bertini as the finest maker of custom suits in Miami to make you a traditional black, dark blue, or charcoal business suit which you will pair with a crisp solid shirt, tie, and dress shoes. But if you’re the type to strive for the center of attention, you can go bolder to distinguish yourself. Or you may be in a business, like fashion or the entertainment world, where bolder choices are not just acceptable but de rigueur. In this case, you can select a broader pinstripe or a double-breasted suit to appear more imposing, and choose more daring colors depending on the impression you want to make. With bespoke clothing, you get to pick exactly the right look and style you need.

The modern entrepreneur look

For those in less traditional industries like the tech world, rules for attire and appropriate style may differ. Here you may want to project authority while also signifying that you are at ease with the more relaxed culture that reigns in this field. By going with a traditional dark color for a suit, but picking a fashionable cut less associated with the office, you can strike the perfect balance for the corporate tech boardroom, which may not even be a boardroom. Styles that can work for this include single-button suits, slim cuts, and thinner lapels. Going tieless with a crisp white shirt and minimal accessories beyond your high-end devices complete this modern entrepreneurial look.

To look your best in and out of the boardroom, contact Pepi Bertini for the finest made-to-measure suits in Miami, FL.