custom made suits in Miami

If you have already discovered the joy of a fine made-to-measure suit, but feel everything in your wardrobe is rather conventional, why not get one that’s a little different? There are many different kinds of suits depending on cut, material, and color. If you’re new to custom men’s suits, then you are about to get a treat way beyond anything you’ve ever found on a rack.


One way to make a suit more exciting is to get out of your shell by choosing a new color. Remember that Miami is a place known for its colors and daring style. You don’t need to get too drastic if that’s not your thing. If your wardrobe is all dark pinstripes and navy suits, why not expand your look with a stylish made-to-measure brown suit, or you could go with olive which is another popular alternative to blacks and blues. Other choices that can really stand out are a rich bright blue or shimmering gray. Beyond that, you can go as bold as you wish. When it comes to custom-made suits in Miami, nothing is off the table.


Another advantage of a customized suit is the ability to have it conforms precisely to you. This isn’t simply a matter of tweaking a standard pattern slightly to fit an individual’s measurements. Precise nips-and-tucks can give you a suit that is perfectly honed to have you looking your sharpest. Some style tips for men are that if you’re very tall and want to avoid a lanky appearance, this is accomplished by having a broad jacket to fill out your profile. For shorter men, cuffs on trousers may be avoided as these tend to shorten the legs. Whatever your shape, there is a cut to make you look your best.


One of the simplest ways to shake things up is to have a new suit made from a material you haven’t used before. Wool is a very popular material and chances are your existing suits use this. Cashmere is a luxurious choice with a natural sheen that makes it a great choice for your out-on-the-town suit. Linen is a suit material that is entirely its own thing, and very well suited to the Miami climate. Silk is a wonderful choice for that special suit that will breathe well, feel light and airy, and always make you feel like you’re the center of attention.

Get Yourself a Custom-Made Suit in Miami

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the final look of your suit. Use these ideas to get a made-to-measure suit at Pepi Bertini – it will be the best you’ve ever owned.