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When summer arrives it’s time to figure out how to stay cool in a suit, especially at events like weddings where you have to look your absolute best. People expect to see the best men’s fashion in Miami, so going too casual is not the answer. Here are some tips on the best men’s suit styles and choices to stay cool while looking sharp.

Beware of linings for sports jackets

Just as they say you should dress in layers when it’s cold, you want to avoid too many layers when it’s hot, and linings are another layer. Don’t just judge a jacket by its outer material, but also check to see if it has an inner lining. Lining-free jackets are going to allow much more airflow to help keep you comfortable.

Consider lighter colors

Darker colors absorb more light and heat, while lighter colors reflect more of it away, helping to keep you cool. So opt for a light colored suit, instead. If you’re not part of the formal wedding party, you can impress with a sharp light-colored suit that you can continue to use during the summer months.

Break out the silk ties

Even after you pick the right suit to keep yourself cool, you can still end up with a hot, stuffy tie that can make your neck feel clammy and uncomfortable. You don’t want to disturb your smart appearance by pulling at it or loosening it. Instead, opt for a silk tie. Silk is a popular tie material that is a highly breathable and lightweight fabric. Silk is also less prone to wrinkling than other materials.

Summers in Miami are hot, but we at Pepi Bertini are here to keep you cool and stylish no matter what the occasion may be with our light-weight, yet high-quality men’s clothing. To get your made-to-measure summer suit that will turn heads at your upcoming wedding event, contact Pepi Bertini for an appointment today.