Bespoke Suits

At Pepi Bertini, it is always our goal to provide clients with one of a kind suits that fit their bodies and their lifestyles. Bespoke suits are a timeless reflection of our clients’ interests and image.

We craft our custom tailored suits to exceed every expectation our clients place upon our tailoring skills and the services we provide.

An Experience Befitting Success

Bespoke suits are an investment and we take no shortcuts in our custom tailoring sessions. We begin each suit by first meeting with the client to determine their needs regarding the style they desire, the appearance they prefer and the lifestyle they live. Once we know what the client desires, we make recommendations on everything from fabrics to fit.

At the same time, we take numerous measurements of the client’s body so that we know precisely how to cut the fabric and create a custom suit that matches our client’s body shape, posture and movements. At the conclusion of the process, clients leave our shop with suits that fit them impeccably.

The Many Benefits of Bespoke Suits

A custom tailored suit that is crafted correctly is one that hugs the shoulders, creates a crisp, clean appearance and delivers a series of flattering lines from top to bottom.

Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that every stitch from the pocket to the trim will be precisely where it belongs. Moreover, custom craftsmanship means that each suit can be adjusted over time as the client’s body changes.

We invite you to contact us at Pepi Bertini at 305-461-3374 or schedule an appointment online to start the process of crafting your very own bespoke suit.

Styles & Inspirations


A business suit can include two pieces containing jacket and pants but may include a third piece which is a vest that matches the jacket. We finalize your look with a shirt and dress shoes along with matching accessories.


A casual look can include two pieces containing a stylish colored jacket and  and less formal pants made of an array of fabrics. We finalize your look with a relaxed shirt and shoes along with matching accessories if needed with desired look for outfit.


A custom-made bespoke tailored men’s formal suit is an investment in quality and style. It is timeless and unique to you. Your formal suit will be designed in collaboration with our stylists, so you can be rest assured you’re looking good.


No two men look the same. Men wearing a tailored suit by Pepi Bertini look their best when their suit is paired with a shirt that is cut to perfection and stitched together to create a proper, comfortable fit.


Your wedding is not a one-size-fits-all event. A good tailor can nip and tuck the fabric to get it close to fitting relatively well, but we know that ‘‘relatively well’’ is not acceptable for anything in your life. It certainly should not be on the day that you get married.


Being a true gentleman is always a stylish endeavor and a stylish gentleman wear accessories that stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s a handkerchief or waistcoat, we are always ready to adorn our clients with the lastest fashion accessories for their suits.