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Keeping Office-Wear Casual Yet Classy

While the workplace isn’t what it used to be, and standards for dress have fallen by the wayside, any successful businessman will still tell you that their appearance is a key factor in how they are perceived when dealing with subordinates and clients alike. Business casual attire for men has seen a rise to popularity in recent years and can help you exude class and confidence while bringing your style more in line with the casual nature of today’s society, even if it’s only a luxury enjoyed on Fridays.

What Does Business Casual Wear Consist Of?

Business casual is a broad term often used to describe everything in between casual wear and men’s formal wear. It can include sports jackets, trousers, and collared shirts, to name a few of the core pieces. Denim is usually excluded but can find its way in, tastefully, with those who work at younger startups. A tie can also be used sparingly, but this is your chance to wear a skinny tie or something a bit less formal if you do choose to wear one.

Beyond the obvious benefits of comfort and fashion, business casual also can help you make a good impression with younger associates or clients, as it shows your ability to dress appropriately for the occasion, while also giving you the chance to showcase a bit of personal flair and style.

Even Business Casual Can Be Custom

The best way to expand your personal selection of business casual clothes for men is to purchase bespoke, made-to-measure items, like the ones we craft here at Pepi Bertini. Our clothing is not only fashionable but bears all the benefits that you would expect from a custom product.

More important than style or pattern, although both heavily attended to, is how your clothes fit. Everyone’s been complimented at least once for “looking slimmer” when it was really just a flattering cut of the shirt. While it’s possible to find clothing in the generic Small-Medium-Large range that fits well, we believe that your appearance, especially when integral to your career, isn’t an area to gamble with. Body type is something so fatally unique that it can be difficult to find your perfect piece.

The confidence that comes with the stylish, high quality, made-to-measure jackets, shirts and trousers made for you at Pepi Bertini is indescribable. Only the best materials available go into our clothing, and we know that your return on investment will far surpass the initial. We’re the first choice for custom clothing in Miami because always we pride ourselves on helping busy professionals look and feel their very best. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or to obtain a quote from our friendly staff!

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