Whether you have a wedding to attend or an awards ceremony, every man needs made to measure menswear to complete their look. Picking out the perfect formal wear for you is now easier than ever thanks to the team at Pepi Bertini. Here you can find everything you need to create an upscale look.


The perfect tuxedo is highly personalized. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a tuxedo with a loose fit. Our team is here to help you find a style you like, and then create a completely customized fit that you will be proud of. From head to toe, we will measure and adjust so that you can feel comfortable on the most important days of your life.

Wedding Attire

Every wedding is memorialized with hundreds of pictures. Don’t let your suit be a distraction. When you choose a suit from Pepi Bertini, we will help you choose the perfect men’s style to match the atmosphere of the wedding, while also taking into account your personal comfort and preferences. You can also rest assured knowing that your suit is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years to come.

Formal Wear Basics

Perhaps you already have a suit, but you need a color-matched shirt to go with it. Pepi Bertini is proud to have a large selection of basics such as shirts and dress pants so you can piece together an outfit for any occasion. Let us help you find the perfect pleat, or measure your collar for just the right fit. When you’re done, check out our collection of fine blazers to top off any ensemble.

Shoes, Ties, and Other Accessories

No formal look is ever complete without the accessories to go with it. That’s why we have a variety of shoes, ties, cufflinks and more to accent your custom Pepi Bertini attire. You will be the talk of Miami’s fashion scene when you arrive in your pristine suit with colorful embellishments.

Here at Pepi Bertini, we know that the outfit makes the man. Our goal is to provide upscale menswear with a personal touch. No matter what kind of event you have coming up, we can help you choose an outfit that matches the tone and style of the event. Our expert staff will make sure you leave here with a suit that fits perfectly, while also allowing you the freedom to express yourself and move comfortably throughout the event. When you come to us, you leave looking like a million bucks.