Summer Style

Summer means color is in full bloom and even the most conservative suit and men’s clothing can be recruited for the summer look. Skip the tie and go open-necked, or use knit ties and handkerchiefs to accessorize a suit for a more summery feel. You will find you have completely transformed an office suit into a charming summer men’s outfit.


Footwear is another way to easily re-purpose a suit for a summer afternoon hanging out on the deck. Loafers or boat shoes are a great way to get into the mood, and you can complete the look by going sockless.

Go Collarless

You can move away from a collared dress shirt to firmly step into summer casual territory. You can go with a polo shirt, an upscale tee-shirt, or a textured fabric top. As long as you don’t go full pirate, it can be a great look that is offset by your suit’s formality.

Treat Yourself

Of course, retasking what you have for summer can only go so far, and that heavy three-piece wool pinstripe is not going to make a great summertime wearable no matter what you add to it. The solution is to make sure you also have a great made-to-measure light linen summer suit. Miami is known across the world for its classic summertime looks and you don’t want to be left behind in the place known for Miami men’s fashion.

To get the best custom men’s suit styles in Miami, contact Pepi Bertini today and you will be fitted in no time.