Look your best on luxury vacation Miami

When getting ready to go on vacation, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest by bringing all the clothes you not only need, but also feel your best in. That usually means a mix of casual resort wear, swimwear, and something elegant for going out on the town.

Be Prepared to Dress Up

While hitting the beach and the golf course may be the thing you first think of on vacation, don’t neglect to bring some dressier clothes for when you need them. After all, there’s still plenty of fun to be had after the sun goes down. You might want to visit a local high-class restaurant in the area, or maybe you fancy a trip to the high-roller table at the resort casino and want to look the part. You will if you break out your custom made-to-measure suit or jacket. If you’re on a cruise, expect to wear a range of clothing, from resort wear to elegant outfits for formal dinner and dance events in the evening.

Bespoke Clothing is Not Just About the Suit

If you thought custom clothing was just for the office, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, causal resort clothing is an area where you can really benefit from the custom treatment. Are you a fan of Hawaiian-style or other breezy shirts that you like to break out at your favorite warm weather destination? Then you should definitely explore made-to-measure options. Why settle for the poorer fit and limited patterns you are stuck with when buying off-the-rack when you can pick your own fabric and have the shirt cut just for you? Once you have one of these, you will surely be back for more until your vacation wardrobe is full of them.

Try Out the Boating Look

Whether you’re an avid yachtsman or prefer firm ground underneath your feet, one of the best style tips for men is trying out the nautical look, since it never goes out of fashion. Light chinos or linen pants coupled with a shirt or polo and finished off with a custom-made, slim-fitting summer blazer in light colors or navy makes for the perfect vacation men’s outfit. It’s the perfect blend of style and comfort for your luxurious getaway.

Get your custom men’s clothing ready to go before your next vacation by requesting an appointment with Pepi Bertini, or summer will be over before you know it.