Tailored Made Clothes - Pepi Bertini

Tailor Made Clothes

Tailor made clothes are a master tailors finest achievement. Every detail is poured over and executed by hand using the worlds finest fabrics.
Pepi Bertini has a deep and extensive understanding of all aspects involved in creating tailor made clothes. His clients range from top celebrities to the stylish and career driven graduate fresh on the market. Following traditional practices while understanding current trends and classic sartorial opulence, Pepi Bertini knows when to exceed limits or when to stay within a conservative design.
Commissioning tailor made clothes creates a lasting relationship between client and master tailor. Pepi’s customers are so impressed with the work and craftsmanship he offers, alongside his knack for customer service that all return as happy life long clients.
Tailor made clothes are not only for special events, but are for any occasion a man wishes to look his best. The way a garment fits is a very important part of the initial perception of presentation. Comfort, style and quality can all be achieved to measurable success. Tailor made clothes allow the wearer to become an individual with special attention given to personal fashion and functionality. Bespoke tailoring is an art form, with Pepi Bertini being the ultimate artist.