Custom Tailored Suits

Pepi Bertini offers more than just menswear. Since opening our doors more than 30 years ago, we have built a reputation for quality workmanship with an extensive collection of classically styled clothing. We offer traditional and contemporary looks as well as distinct suits for individuals who want to stand out. Whether you need suits for a corporate setting, wedding, or another formal event, we can handle every request. Our staff has mastered the art of custom tailored suits in Miami, taking the time to measure, cut, and sew each individual piece to make sure it fits exactly as it should.

We believe there is no substitute for a well-made suit. Bespoke clothing allows you to have a more perfect fit, accentuating your best features and giving you the confidence to move in comfort. At our shop, you will have the ability to personalize every part of your suit, including the lapel, buttons, cuffs, and other accessories as a clear expression of your personality and style. When looking for tailor-made attire, finding someone with the right skill and resources to do the job is paramount. Excellent workmanship and the use of fine fabrics ensure a long-lasting fit that won’t wear down over time.

At Pepi Bertini, we provide a high level of service with unmatched attention to detail with an end result that looks and feels great. Our team takes the time to build real relationships with clients, helping you mix and match looks for a professional appearance. Contact Pepi Bertini for custom-tailored bespoke clothing, or schedule a fitting with one of our tailors who will give you a truly unique experience.