A master tailor is charged with creating a garment that is unique, unlike any other because it is tailored and fitted to the customer’s body type and exact measurements. The master tailor, much like an artist, has a trained eye that takes the client’s unique shape, taste, style and even profession, into consideration when drafting a pattern and designing a suit. The process begins with measuring a client and creating a sketch, which takes about an hour. Two quick fittings later, a custom-made suit is delivered to the client. Our most valuable service to our customers is the perfect fit we deliver the finished product – a custom suit that is perfect, affordable and delivered quickly in comparison to other custom-made suits.

Bespoke clothing, or bespoke tailoring, is the process of a tailor making men’s clothing to the customer’s specification, and without the use of a pre-existing pattern. The customer has complete control over the fabric selected, the feature he wants and the actual fit. He is extremely involved in the customization of the garment, working closely with a highly skilled tailor, to bring his vision to life. Unlike made to measure, which is produced from adjusting an existing block pattern, bespoke clothing is cut from an exclusive pattern envisioned by the customer and meticulously drafted by the tailor. It is the ultimate personal statement in men’s clothing, unmatched, as the garment is truly one-of-a-kind created for the individual customer. Bespoke clothing is unparalleled workmanship at its best.

Menswear in Miami, Florida

Collars at Pepi Bertini

The collar is the most important feature on any shirt. Like the frame on a painting, it sets the tone and style for the shirt it accentuates. With the expertise of our master tailor, we at Pepi Bertini help clients select the right collar using measurements from the chin, shoulders, neck and arms as a guideline for the size and style that highlights their distinctive physical features.

Men’s Ties in Miami at Pepi Bertini

A man’s tie is his mark and no one wants to be in a meeting with someone who is wearing the same tie. We carry neckties and bow ties made from unique fabrics that are cut to the perfect proportions in order to create a seamless combination of shirt, suit, tie, and style.

Men’s Business Suits in Miami, Florida

We are proud of our reputation for selling and producing the finest tailored suits in Miami. We can custom fit all clothing and the bespoke suits we craft are more than just a well-fitting piece of clothing. Each bespoke tailored suit is created from fabrics the client selects and completed with the features and adjustments the client desires for a truly personal look and fit.

Quality at Pepi Bertini

We believe that quality is more than just a warranty on a company’s work. To us, it is a promise we make to each and every one of our clients. We guarantee that with the skills and training, we will deliver a high-quality product that is 100 percent unique and suitable for all occasions.

Our store’s philosophy is clearly reflected in our stylish and unique merchandise which has been handpicked by Pepi himself. Everything we carry from suits to shirts and accessories like ties, belts and cufflinks are carefully chosen by Pepi with the utmost sense of style.

Dress Shirts in Coral Gables, Florida

No two men are built the same. Men wearing a tailored suit by Pepi Bertini look their best when the suit is paired with a shirt that is cut to perfection and stitched together to create a proper, comfortable fit.

Suit Pants at Pepi Bertini

Pants are as important as the suit jackets or sport coats they accompany. They are the foundation the outfit is built upon and we customize each pair of pants so that they are as strong as they are stylish.

Men’s Suit Accessories at Pepi Bertini

Being a true gentleman is always a stylish endeavor, and stylish gentlemen wear accessories that stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s a handkerchief or a waistcoat, we are always ready to adorn our clients with the latest fashion accessories for their suits.

Timeless Style

Bespoke suits are a timeless expression of one’s own personal sense of style. At Pepi Bertini, our tailored suits are a reflection of our clients’ interests and personalities. They are the embodiment of everything our clients hold dear, which is why the suits won’t go out of style.