Your wedding day should be the most exciting, special and memorable day you will ever experience. It is a milestone – a commitment to forever, to share everything with someone who is the most important person in the world to you.

The wedding is the initial spark of this magical adventure together. It will illuminate you both as a newly married couple, within the glow of your unique and special love.

The wedding day is approaching. There are so many decisions to make. Once in motion, there will be no second chance to rethink your style choices and all eyes will be upon you. Everyone else attending will be secondary on this day. Your betrothed will look stunning and take your breath away. Your own fashion statement should frame your distinctive presence, one that reflects who you are and where you are in your life.

Your Personalized Made-to-Measure Wedding Suit

Pepi Bertini is South Florida’s premiere men’s clothing destination for the successful gentleman. Many of our satisfied and returning clients are globetrotters with exciting international endeavors.

A custom-made bespoke tailored men’s suit is an investment in quality and style. It is timeless and unique to you. Your dream wedding suit will be designed in collaboration with our stylists, so you can be rest assured you’re looking good.

The Right Fabric Makes All the Difference

What’s your favorite style? When it comes to color, do you like subtle black or an intense, vibrant hue? Do you prefer a fabric that is smooth to the touch or textured? Do you lean toward patterns that jump across the room, or a restrained classiness that is understated and refined.

Let’s get together and match the spirit of your wedding day with the perfect suit that compliments and embellishes the occasion.

Information the Groom Should Know

As a groom, you should know the basic style needs of your upcoming special day, including:

  • The wedding color focus
  • The time of day
  • The type of venue
  • The number of guests anticipated
  • The desired character and tone of the day

You might arrive with a somewhat unclear vision of what you want to wear. An idea, perhaps an image you have seen somewhere or a screenshot saved on your phone. We will take that idea and work with you to create exactly what you want to wear.

More than Just the Wedding Suit

In addition to the actual tuxedo or suit, there are also all the important accessories to keep in mind, and we can help you with all of those, such as the shirt, the bow tie and vest. Accessories are coordinated with what you wear, and also with the style and color of the bridesmaids, if desired.

We will bring out the best of your personality through the clothes you wear that special day, and work to highlight your individual taste.