Mens wedding suits in Miami

Brides naturally receive a large share of the attention come wedding day. But there’s no reason that grooms shouldn’t capture the spotlight as well with stunning formal wear. Here are some top trends in groom wedding clothing for fall in Miami at Pepi Bertini.

Wedding Day Suits

Using a full-length morning coat for formal black-tie weddings is more common in Europe, but there’s no import tax on style. This traditional attire brings both sophistication and royalty to your wedding day. Choose a smart black morning coat with striped black trousers and a gray double-breasted vest. Rocking a top hat is optional, but it adds a lot to carriage rides.

Fall Weddings in Miami

For formal fall weddings, luxurious tuxedos are impossible to beat. This look works best with an attractive black bow tie and handmade white French-cuff shirt. The decision to wear a single- or double-breasted jacket is completely up to you; go with what best reflects your inner James Bond.

Top Fall Colors For Suits

Creative black tie weddings are very popular, combining the formal elegance of traditional celebrations with large amounts of fashion and personality. Two-toned tuxedos in fall colors are equally suave and artistic.

These signature styles look amazing in weddings suits all paired with black accents.

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal

Men’s Wedding Suits in Miami

No matter the backdrop for you and your bride’s dream wedding, you deserve to wear sophisticated groom wedding clothing that fits you perfectly. Custom-tailored suits turn heads and make incredible photos.

At Pepi Bertini, our focus on crafting couture men’s clothing in Miami that reflect your ideal measurements from every camera angle. Speak directly with our experts for help choosing the perfect material, style, and fit to express your personality in all its glory.