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The Ultimate Groom’s Guide to Dressing for a Miami Wedding

Grooms have a lot to deal with on their important day, but one thing that should not be neglected is attire, especially his wedding suit. This day will be remembered for years to come and not looking your best is a big mistake that you will surely regret. Now, a groom would never dream of outshining his bride, but he should be the best-dressed man around. Here’s what you need to know about dressing for your big day

You’ll Need Multiple Outfits

Weddings are not just about the actual ceremony, but involve a whole sequence of events, especially when it comes to the special couple. All require that you have suitable groom suits, and one decent wedding suit is not going to suffice. You will be ‘show-cased’ during this time, so be prepared to engage in multiple outfit changes, from relaxed smart casual in the morning to blazers in the afternoon, to your finest for the wedding and the reception following. Even after that, there is still the morning-after brunch and, of course, the honeymoon. Just as this is a time when couples get china sets that they will use throughout their life, this is also a time to take stock of your custom made-to-measure clothing and invest in some new clothing that you will continue to use for years to come. 

Don’t Neglect the Shirts

You may think the full cut of your shirt will not be seen during your wedding, and while that’s probably true during the ceremony itself when you have a jacket on, it can be a different story later when cutting loose on the dance floor. Besides, even when your shirt is mostly covered up, knowing and feeling that you are wearing a custom-made shirt that is perfectly suited to you is part of what makes you look so good. You will project that in your posture and confident demeanor. 


Here it’s all about expressing your personality as ties come in every shape, color, pattern, and fabric you can imagine. You can choose a big fat Windsor knot or select a slim tie for a cool, understated modern style. If you’re not an expert at color coordinating with the rest of your outfit, find a friend who is or start from scratch with a custom outfit where you get to pick the fabrics yourself. Depending on your style preference, you may opt for a bow tie, or, for a truly old-world aristocratic look, you and your best men could don cravats, which will turn everyone’s head. 


Ideally, you should have a number of blazers that range informally. If you want your wedding suit to be traditional, a formal navy blazer with brass buttons is a staple, which can be coupled with dress shoes, chinos or grey pants, and a tie or not for a classic look. This is perfect for lunches and brunches, where you are expected to dress up. If you are having a destination or beach wedding, the nautical look is a good solution for a smart wedding suit outfit that still fits in well and allows you to venture into more casual spaces or hop aboard a boat. Having a casual slim-fitting blazer in a light fabric is perfect for this, and it can easily be paired with a shirt, polo shirt, or tee shirt for a relaxed stylish look. 


Waistcoats may feel too dressy for some people at some events, but this is definitely not one of those occasions. Whether part of a custom three-piece suit or an outfit assembled from separates, nothing classes things up quite like a waistcoat. Here the fit has to be perfect or it just won’t look right. When it does, watch out. 


The final touches should not be neglected either, which include handkerchiefs, cufflinks, lapel pins, tie clips, and the right socks. You will be on display so don’t leave anything to chance. If you want, you can push even further with cummerbunds and even suspenders if that’s your thing. It’s all about you and your partner, so don’t feel constrained by convention if that’s not a good reflection of you. Just remember to look your best, because that is what everyone wants to see.  

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